Day 8. Dairy Free Potato Leak Soup

Day 8. Dairy Free Potato Leak Soup

Today’s dinner is potato leak soup topped with sautéed chard and pepitas. A quick soup that packs powerful health benefits and is perfect for this rainy day.

This year for Thanksgiving, the boys and I had the amazing experience of helping to kill and “clean” our own heritage turkey. It was incredible. The best part is that back in November, I froze turkey stock and turkey fat that I rendered, which tonight becomes the base for this meal. But no fear if you haven’t “stock” piled your stock, any chicken or turkey stock will do.

I received a beautiful gift today from a friend, his homemade beer appropriately titled, “Suzanne’s Nite-Nite Juice.” This lovely Triple Belgian White is perfect for these stay-at-home-days because being near your couch is a good idea for that quick after-dinner nap after one of these!

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